The Problem

LinkedIn Pages has 18M company Pages (company profiles on LinkedIn) worldwide, but less than 10% are quality (completed profile) and engaged (active).

  1. What should the Product team build to increase Page user (referred to as "Admins") activation and retention? Which Admins should the team build for, and how should the product be positioned?
  2. Where in the on-boarding experience is the Admin funnel broken/has friction? How do we fix it? 

The Process

1) Derive insights for Pages product road-map

  • Interviewed members of the "charter" group, ranging from SMBs owners to large enterprise marketers, who gave feedback on product feature needs and priorities
  • Synthesized and presented feedback to Pages PMs and categorized features by immediate, next, and long term consideration
  • Collaborators:  UX researchers
  • Stakeholders: Pages PMs

2) Funnel Friction

  • Used SQL and R to combine various profile and behavior databases to shed light on monthly Pages Admin activation and churn
  • Low hanging fruit: identified that a substantial percentage of Company Pages are auto-generated and do not have an owner to complete the profile. Identified that 10% of Pages Admins are former employees and companies do not have access to their Page/present a security risk. Identified that there was poor on-boarding notifications for new Admins and worked with email/notification team to implement new sequence.
  • Contrary to initial belief: while initially, the cross-functional Pages team believed that large companies are more likely to be EQPs (engaged and quality Pages) and should be the main target audience, through my analysis, I demonstrated that companies with Marketers as admins are more likely to be EQPs and thus the team should prioritize ways to target and on-board Marketers as Page admins as oppose to targeting users by company size
  • Collaborators: Data Science and Biz Ops
  • Stakeholders: Pages PMs




Joy was able to ramp up very quickly and became an invaluable member of the team. She was very comfortable handling massive data sources using SQL / R and drove the right set of analyses to arrive at actionable insights, while having her marketer’s hat on at all times. Joy’s recommendations on how to grow our key metrics (funnel progression and user engagement) using various marketing and product levers are now being implemented, and we’re sure we’re going to see strong results. Thanks for all the great work, Joy!
Radhika Kanuga
Senior Manager, Biz Ops