The Challenge

"One API to Rule Them All": Segment is a B2B SaaS  data infrastructure company that tracks and manages all of a company's customer data. Segment's Head of Growth Marketing, Kevin White, wanted to test user acquisition through content marketing, distributed through owned and paid marketing channels.

Although Segment is an enterprise B2B company, they wanted to target the long tail of smaller, self-serve customers (B2B2C) that could benefit from using Segment and did not require enterprise-level Sales or Customer Support. They believed that these customers could be reached through digital channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn, but the advertised hook needed to differ from traditional B2C ads showcasing shop-able products or B2B ads showcasing case studies and white papers.

At Wayfair, I had launched content marketing for B2B customer acquisition and had experience conducting user research as well as testing content marketing landing experiences. I brought this experience with me to the challenge at Segment.

The Process

Step 1) Background Research

  • To understand how self-serve customers commonly use Segment, I digested and summarized existing internal knowledge and conducted external research to see how the online community talked about using Segment

Step 2) Synthesis Content Proposals

  • Identified top 10 use cases for self-serve customers and categorized them according to the level of usage sophistication ("easy" "medium" and "advanced") and problem area (marketing lead gen, retention, analytics, etc)

Step 3) Create 10 Content Mocks

  • Drafted content for 10 use cases + created mock designs for how the information should be presented.
  • In contrast to much of Segment's existing content which was text heavy and similar to extensive "how-to" guides, these "recipes" were short and easy to digest, with call-to-action for new user sign up.

See Segment's Recipes library >


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Worked with Joy to own a project to drive our organic growth efforts which spanned areas of content recommendations, SEO optimization, UX research, and more. Joy was pivotal to the success and launch of this initiative. Joy took ownership of ideation, set and met deadlines, and produced high-quality work that we continue to use and expand on today.
Kevin White
Head of Growth Marketing